Review ~ SmokeCartelGlass!

Review ~ SmokeCartelGlass!

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“The Inception” Internal Tunnel Rig

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Retail Value: $199



My very first thought upon opening this package was,

"WHOA, they know me too well! An egg rig for a breakfast queen!"




I've never owned a recycler before, so the function on this beauty was the second thing meandering around in my mind. The way the glass becomes a solid, fluid tunnel (pun intended) is entrancing, and makes for a very interesting medicating experience!



Click HERE for a Demo Video of the function!




Dome Nails?  YES!


I've owned a piece in the past with a dome nail that I seriously missed often, and I have to say that it's definitely a preferred concentrate-consumption- method of mine! The nails are easily replaceable/cheap, as with the domes-- and they're much simpler to clean versus a banger or titanium nail!




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Payment Plans?!?



Smoke Cartel offers , which is a way for customers to enter a payment plan of four easy payments for whatever piece/item/set you're shopping for!

Can't swing the full price right now?

That's okay, just be sure to lock down the product(s) you want for a quarter of the price as your first payment!


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For Your Pets

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Click the image below to shop for stoney pet gear!





* Personal Review *







  • Aesthetic? Definitely the prettiest rig I've owned to date.
  • Function? Chugs like a choo-choo train!
  • Dome / Nail? VERY easy to use/clean/replace!
  • Size? Perfect! I don't care much for small or HUGE rigs, so it fits me!

I'm honestly just SO impressed with SCG. Their team is full of kind and caring individuals, they have a wonderful and organized website that makes it easy to be a happy customer before even spending a single cent, AND they're my neighbors in Georgia, maybe 2-3 hours away! There's not a single negative thing to be said about the quality of ANYTHING regarding this company.


Thank you again to the team at Smoke Cartel for allowing me the opportunity to not only review one of their BEST recyclers, but also for my affiliate position!








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    I’m really ejoyimg your blog and its content I love you! Keep up the amazing work! I really enjoyed reading your opinion and review!

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    Great review of the piece and the company!

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    I love how in depth you went with it, about your new glass piece.. Great Review! Love how this company ie more than just glass.

  • Joxe

    This is really an amazing review. You took the time to go over every detail and you explain it so well.

  • Onieka (nieka_95)

    This was such a great review. I’m really glad to know that they also have products geared towards our pets! Also, such a beautiful rig!

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