Review ~ Picture Plurfect Nails!

Review ~ Picture Plurfect Nails!

My very first review blog is dedicated to the lovely Cassandra, from Picture Plurfect.
She is a sweet woman, with a golden personality and a creative mind.
I’ll start off by linking you guys to her Instagram account and Etsy Shop,
and maybe there is even a secret Coupon Code in this article! 😉


About The Artist


“Hello everyone! My name is Cassandra and I’m just a hardworking Florida girl, living with my small family that consists of myself, my fiancé, and our kitty – and am currently a senior at the University of Central Florida studying child psychology, along with the owner of the small business Etsy shop Picture Plurfect! To provide you with a little “behind the scenes” look at my business and myself in particular, I’ll begin by pointing out a collection of principles that I value greatly, both in my personal life and within the shop. Those principles are abbreviated with PLUR (hence “Plurfect”), which stands for some of the most important things that many people often forget… Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Many of you may have heard this term before, as it was born and established within international rave culture, which is something I am exceptionally passionate about. Being that I am a hoop-dancer, music lover, fashion enthusiast, and all around big-time raver…PLUR is something that I’ve always held close and can appreciate to the fullest extent at all times, even beyond the raves. It is not simply a grouping of words, but principles that can get anyone far in life, and fill lives with radiating positivity. Now to get to the juicy part of Picture Plurfect… While it began as a nail, accessory, and ravewear/dancewear shop, as time went on I realized I needed to put my passion into one aspect of it. That aspect that is still going strong today happens to be nails, and I decided to keep the shop name “Picture Plurfect” due to my unconditional and eternal gratefulness for PLUR in any context (including treating all customers AND nail sets with such)! Nails are something I’ve loved to work with since as far back as I can remember, whether it be designing my own fabulously, working on others’ nails, acrylic, gel, lacquer – the whole nine yards. Outfits are fabulous, hair and makeup are good and dandy, but nothing stands out or really puts an outfit together like a flawless set of unique nails! That being said, I realized it’s something I’d like to share with not only myself, my family and my friends, but with anyone and everyone around the world. The false press-on nails Picture Plurfect offers have the potential to not only be beautiful on most anyone, but also to stay on for extended periods of time (or a very short amount of time, if desired), look natural, and come to YOU via mail – An instantly convenient and incredibly affordable option in comparison to a salon. I’ve been enjoying these falsies for a few years now, and would certainly love to assist in making YOUR nails fabulous as well! =]
Much love to all… and stay PLURfect!” 



~ Specialty Mermaid-Inspired Long Squares ~

For all my mermaids out there, you just cannot go wrong with these!
This cool blue will fit in quite well with any oceanic colors you might be sporting– especially my lovelies who have that gorgeous mermaid hair! 

~ Alien Space Stilettos ~
Receiving transmission….. “These nails are OUTTA THIS WORLD!”
(And they come in peace, which is always comforting!)
With so many of my followers showing interest in the extraterrestrial,
you should find these nails extra-exceptional! 

~ 4th of July ~
My fellow ‘mericans…. Uncle Sam wants YOU! to sport the red, white, and blue!
These nails don’t have to be JUST for Independence Day!
Try Labor Day, Presidents Day–maybe your favorite team is playing,
and they’ve got matching team colors?
I love the spirit of these nails! 

~ Cobalt Holographic Starburst ~
First word that comes to mind? ELEGANCE.
These nails, to me, say
“I’m going out tonight and I DEFINITELY want to look freshhhhh.” 
I love the simplicity and super-shiny-enchantment of this set! 

~ Even MORE Pretties ~
Choose your style! Glossy, rounded, squares, ovals, matte, extra length, and more!
Cassandra’s got so many styles to choose from, that her nails are like Pokemon!
You definitely want to catch them all!


Personal Review


Upon receiving my nails from Cassandra, I was automatically in bliss. Bling bling!! The entire custom-set process with her was easier than I ever expected– It was like she already saw what I wanted in her head and brought them to life the very next day! I’ll be honest, I’m a horrible customer sometimes because I never know EXACTLY what I want. I basically said, “I’d like green nails that have cannabis leaves on them please”, and she got the EXACT shade of green I was thinking of on her first try when sending me some color options.

They arrived very quickly, within 2-3 days, and were packaged very neatly & professionally! I also received an information sheet on how to store, apply, and remove my nails– she even sent a tube of nail glue since I wasn’t sure which type to use! Goes to show you how much she cares about her customers, eh? 🙂

I’m personally a very careful individual, so my set lasted a full week and a day before one of my nails loosened up enough to come off easily, at which point I removed them all slowly and placed them back on their sticky pad that they arrived on.

Overall I am VERY impressed with these nails,

and definitely plan to buy more in the future!


All green everything! Took less than 5 minutes to carefully apply my nails, and I must’ve received at least 50 compliments between my Instagram followers and in public in the week I had them on! Honestly, I think my next set will be identical, just a different color. Maybe blue, since I find myself in blue jeans more often than anything else.
(Except my sweatpants. We’re BFFs for life.) 😂


If you’re reading this, it’s time for a super special surprise for you!
For being such a wonderful reader/follower of my blog,
you have just been rewarded a very pleasing coupon code for Cassandra’s shop!
The code NAILIEN at checkout on Etsy will remove 20% from your order!
If you are paying through Paypal, please just put the code into a customer note and she will apply it for you! 

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed meeting Cassandra and reading about her beautiful shop and devoted passion.
I highly suggest giving her a follow if you haven’t already, and using her secret coupon code to your advantage ASAP!

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