Waking & Baking

SlightlyToasty has been in business since Dec. of 2011. It is co-owned by Samantha (Sami), a 24 year old mother & wife who suffers from PTSD, as well as Steven (Zom), a 30 year old loving husband & father who blows glass, does digital art, 3D printing, welding, and much more. This lovely sandwich of interests has grown into a lifestyle full of products for you and your loved ones to share today!

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Freshly Baked Goods

  • Glass

    All hand-crafted by my love and the co-owner of this company, @ZomPaul. He has been behind the torch since 3/31/17, making it officially one year this year! Follow him on Twitch.TV and Instagram to watch him work and progress!

  • Accessories

    Apparel, Trays, Bath Products, and more!

  • Stickers

    Different toasty characters for everyone! Some are even collabs!

  • Social Media

    Find us primarily on Instagram, where we do giveaways, contests, live sessions, and much more!

4/20 SALE

Scoop a Buttered Toast Moodmat for a special low price this weekend!

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